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Mozilla Firefox joins browsers implementing Global Privacy Control

Mozilla has become the latest browser to incorporate Global Privacy Control in its platform, Firefox, this week. Mozilla announced that it was the first major web browser to do so. The Global Privacy Control (GPC) measures are required under the California Consumer Protection Act and Europe’s Global Data Protection Regulation. The main goal of the GPC is to allow users to dictate which websites may not sell or share personal data. Mozilla stated that the GPC is a rerelease feature that will be available for experimental use.

The company also stated that they were excited to see GPC gaining popularity in California and Colorado. The major browser stated that they hope sites will start to honor the regulation and get experience with implementing it among customers. Mozilla was one of the early supporters of the two previously mentioned Acts, the CCPA and the CPRA, and it was one of the founding members of the Global Privacy Control. Mozilla takes privacy very seriously, according to their announcement.

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