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Groove Calls for Cyberattacks on US as REvil Payback

Editor’s note: Groove was later determined to be a very unaccomplished bad actor playing a prank. (See: groove prank).

Recently, international law enforcement joined together in an effort to dismantle the infrastructure belonging to the notorious REvil ransomware group. Following the operation, another cybercrime group called Groove called for revenge against the law enforcement agencies, calling on the cybercrime community to band together against US  interests. Although this may seem like a bold call for Groove, the cybercrime group has a plan and a mission against the US.

Groove is a Russian-speaking ransomware group and therefore the initial blog post calling on other gangs to attack the US was written in Russian. It has since been translated to reveal the threats against the US. The move likely signals impending conflict between Groove and US agencies. The letter instructs attacks on Chinese interests as well.

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