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Killing of two Venezuelan youths in Colombia sparks diplomatic row

A diplomatic row between Colombia and Venezuela is rising after the killing of two venezuelan boys in Colombia. The boys, 12 and 18, were accused of intending to rob a store and were tied up in the Colombian town of Tibú. A video shows the two boys surrounded by screaming people who threatened to parade them around town. The boys were later found dead after being shot in the head and wearing a sign that said “thief” on their bodies. 

Tibú is a remote town when guerrilla groups and narco-trafficking organizations are known to control large areas of the territory, and it is unclear who killed the boys. Venezuela was not satisfied with the investigation and blame placed on guerrilla groups by the Colombian government. Venezuelan Vice President cited the deaths as evidence of xenophobia and the killing of Venezuelan migrants. More than 1.8 million Venezuelan migrants are in Colombia currently after the economic collapse and political crisis in Venezuela. Colombia and Venezuela have not had diplomatic relations since 2019.

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