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OpenSea ‘Free Gift’ NFTs Drain Cryptowallet Balances

OpenSea users should be aware of a current threat on the platform as cybercriminals exploit bugs in the world’s largest digital goods marketplace to create malicious artwork masqueraded as a free gift to unsuspecting users. OpenSea is the world’s largest digital collectible marketplace. Some users have found their cryptocurrency wallets exposed and manipulated due to cyberattackers weaponizing security bugs that allowed them to hijack user accounts. The attacks center around malicious art files circulated under the guise of a free gift.

Check Point Research investigated the cyberattacks and looked into a series of claims that cryptocurrency balances were disappearing for both market shoppers and merchants. OpenSea functions as a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto collectibles. NFTs take reproducible digital items such as art files and turn them into unique items that can have one ownership. OpenSea has seen $3.4 billion in transaction volume just since August.

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