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Kim Jong-un vows to build ‘invincible military’

Kim Jong Un has vowed to build an invincible military due to hostile policies originating from the United States, according to recent state media reports. Kim Jong Un clarified that the weapons development was for self-defense purposes. The remarks were made at a defense exhibition in which Kim Jong Un stood surrounded by a variety of large missiles. Recently, South Korea tested a submarine-launched weapon while North Korea has launched what it claims to be hypersonic and anti-aircraft missiles. Kim Jong Un stated that North Korea had no interest in fighting South Korea, a statement that may ease tensions between the two countries amid military tests.

Mr. Kim later accused the US of stoking tensions between North and South Korea, stating that the US was hostile. US President Joe Biden has repeatedly offered to talk to North Korea, but with one significant demand: that Pyongyang gives up nuclear weapons before sanctions can be eased. The country has denied the request, and therefore no meeting has occurred.

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