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Twitch Leak Included Emails, Passwords in Clear Text

A researcher searched through the Twitch leak and reportedly found evidence of PayPal chargebacks with names, emails, and more information attached. Twitch users are being urged to change their passwords to prevent any additional attacks as many users’ emails and passwords were already leaked unhashed, unencrypted, and in cleartext. Researchers have been combing through the data after 135 GB were posted across 4chan by an anonymous user on Tuesday. The horrible leak also included the service’s source code, comments dating back to the beginning of Twitch, security tools, an unreleased Amazon Game Studios competitor to Steam, a list of the highest-paid channels, and how much they were paid, and more sensitive information.

Since Tuesday, researchers have found that the issue is more serious than previously believed, and passwords have been leaked in plain text. An independent security researcher allegedly found streamers’ email addresses and passwords in plain text in one exposed datastore. The researcher shared the information with a security firm, however, he wished to remain anonymous. When certain entities tried to contact Twitch, the company stated that they had found no indication that login credentials were exposed in the attack.

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