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China Flies a Dozen Bombers Near Taiwan, Prompting Protest From Taipei

According to reports from Taiwan, China’s military flew 56 sorties near the country, including flights by a dozen bombers. The entire situation lasted from before dawn until nighttime on Monday, intensifying a recent streak of tensions over the last several days following the arrival of an armada east of the island comprising of ships from the US, UK, and four other countries. The People’s Liberation Army flights on Monday included a Y-8 submarine spotting aircraft, J-16 jet fighters, and other aircraft that followed 93 military sorties that occurred over the previous three days, according to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry. Taiwan continues to monitor the PLA’s activities near the island on a daily basis.

Over the weekend, 17 warships conducted training exercises in both the air and sea on the southwest of Okinawa, not far from Taiwan, according to a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense force. At the same time, the US took place in joint exercises with Taiwan in the Phillippine Sea. Taiwan claims that the PLA has been conducting large-scale intrusion exercises in the sea and air around Taiwan. The country has demanded a stop to the behavior, vowing to defend its sovereignty.

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