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China Releases Two U.S. Citizens Blocked From Leaving Since 2018

China has released two Americans who have been trapped in the country since 2018. Victor Liu and Cynthia Liu were allowed to return to the US following a Justice Department deal with a Chinese technology company executive, Huawei. Co. Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou will be allowed to return to China in exchange for the two Americans. The individuals are siblings from Massachusetts who returned to the US on Sunday after more than three years of facing an exit ban in China. The pair faced no allegations of wrongdoing in China and were able to freely move about the country, but not leave it.

The US welcomed their return and stated that the US opposes the use of coercive exit bands. The US will continue to advocate on the behalf of all American citizens in China that are currently facing similar bans and unfair detentions. The release came as a surprise and followed Ms. Meng’s agreement on Friday to accept some allegations of wrongdoing accused by the Justice Department. Two Canadians jailed in China were able to fly home as well. Ms. Meng has been detained in Canada since 2018 due to charges relating to Huawei’s business.

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