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TTEC hit with ransomware attack, hampering work for major clients

TTEC, a US-based customer experience technology giant has confirmed that they suffered from a cybersecurity incident. According to employees, the company stated that it was hit with ransomware. TTEC boasts billions in annual revenue and nearly 61,000 employees. Earlier this week, the company warned its employees not to click on a link titled “!RA!G!N!A!R!”. The message indicates to cybersecurity researchers that the Ragnar Locker ransomware group may have launched an attack against the organization. TTEC allegedly experiences system outages while working to remove the malicious file.

TTEC has not confirmed the nature of the incident to the public yet, however, some of the company’s data has been encrypted and business activity at several facilities has been disrupted temporarily. TTEC stated that it was in the process of restoring its systems and conducting an investigation into the attack. TTEC works with several Fortune 500 companies, including Bank of America, Verizon, Best, Buy, and Kaiser Permanente.

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