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Gunman kills several at Perm University in Russia

This morning, a gunman in Russia killed six people at the Perm University in Russia. Officials say that the individuals walked onto the campus on Monday morning and began shooting while students and teachers barricaded themselves inside the university building. Others were seen jumping from windows to being confronted by the gunman. The suspected attacker, who is a student, was wounded and detained by police forces. More than 20 people were injured during the shooting and six have been declared dead.

The incident occurred east of Moscow, in the Urals. Students locked themselves in classrooms to escape the gunman after the shooting began. The gunman reportedly acted alone and did not claim any political or religious motives, rather stating that he was consumed by hatred and wanted to do harm to others via a social media post before the incident. Perm University posted a message on social media during the event requesting that students remain in a shelter inside classrooms. The incident is reminiscent of another that happened this year when a 19-year-old gunman opened fire in his old school in the Russian city of Kazan, killing nine.

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