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This mobile app is helping Afghans navigate Kabul following the Taliban takeover

The crowdsourced news alert app Ehtesab continued their work providing Afghans with critical information after the Taliban entered Kabul last month. The app shows which roads are congested and where outbreaks of violence have been reported. The app reported the twin attacks of suicide bombings at the Hamid Karzai Airport within minutes. 

The app was created three years ago to provided alerts and information about incidents in Kabul in real time. Ehtesab prompts locals to report incidents from around the city which are then verified by Ehtesab’s security experts. The app was created to bridge the gap between citizens and public officials and to hold the government accountable. After the Taliban takeover, the company says usage has surged. The founder of the company says the focus is on reports that affect Afghan citizen’s access to food, money and movement. After the Taliban takeover, the app relies on news reports, foreign embassies and the United Nations to verify the reports of incidents in Kabul. The team is also ensuring that no reports could be tracked by the Taliban. Ehtesab vows to keep providing this information until the internet shuts down or something major changes.

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