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Israeli police recapture four of six escaped Palestinian prisoners

Israeli police have reported that four of the six men who successfully escaped from a prison in Northern Israel on Monday have been recaptured by security forces. The first two escapees were arrested on Friday evening in Nazareth, roughly 18 miles from the prison in which the breakout happened. Another pair were arrested in the morning on Saturday in the village of Umm Al-Ghana, 15 miles from the prison. Videos and photos posted to social media show the first two men sitting in separate police vehicles after their arrests.

The latter two were found in a truck parking lot after an operation to locate the escapees that involved soldiers, police, and intelligence officers. The men were blindfolded and handcuffed before being put into police vehicles. News of the recapture will likely ease the pressure of Israeli authorities after it was revealed that the six men were able to leverage underground passageways built for the prison’s drainages system to conduct their escape. Israeli media has also reported that prison watchtowers were left unarmed or that guards were asleep while the breakout happened. However, these claims have not been verified.

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