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Verizon and Microsoft team up to offer 5G edge cloud computing for businesses

On Tuesday, Verizon announced that it would be partnering with Microsoft to offer a new edge computing solution for businesses that would be available on-premises. The new service leverages Verizon 5G Edge and Microsoft Azure Stack Edge, enabling businesses to deploy real-time enterprise applications. The technology would also allow companies to bring compute and storage services to the edge of the network, therefore providing increased efficiency, heightened security, and the bandwidth required for applications involving computer vision, augmented, and virtual reality.

Verizon expressed its excitement to partner with Microsoft in order to offer the 5G Edge technology to enterprises. Verizon stated that the program will help critical applications respond with speed and efficiency, ushering in next-generation business applications. The partnership will also provide for increased security, something that has become more and more important over the last several years, particularly with the implementation of new technology.

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