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US investigating civilian deaths in Kabul strike

The US is currently investigating a drone strike targeting a suicide bomber that went wrong and ended up killing 10 members of one family, including six children. The family was killed when a car parked at their home was struck by the explosion, which occurred on Sunday. The US military stated that the attack targeted a vehicle carrying at least one person associated with the Afghan branch of the Islamic State group. The military also stated that people nearby may have been affected by the aftermath of the strike.

Some of those killed in the attack had previously worked for international organizations, therefore holding visas that allowed them entry into the US, according to the media. A relative of the victims stated that the children who were killed were between the ages of four and twelve. The US Central Command is currently investigating reports of the incident. The command also asserted that there had been a number of substantial and powerful explosions that occurred after the drone strike, leading officials to believe that there had been a large amount of explosive material inside the vehicle.

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