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The Taliban’s mask slips further after militants kill journalist’s relative

The true nature of Taliban rule has been exposed after the brutal repression of several protests and the murder of a journalist’s relative countered the militant group’s promises to lead a restrained and inclusive regime. On Thursday, reports emerged that Taliban fighters had been searching for one of their journalists in Afghanistan after a relative of the journalist was shot dead by the Taliban and another person involved was seriously injured. Other relatives were able to escape and are currently fleeing the militant group. The journalist was an employee of the German news organization Deutsche Welle (DW), according to reports.

DW released a statement condemning the murder of the journalist’s close relative, stating that the event was tragic and a testimony to the imminent danger in which all of the organization’s employees and their families are enduring in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. It has become clear that the Taliban are already conducting organized searches for journalists in both Kabul and other provinces. The news comes after a threat assessment was released by a Norwegian organization that warned the Taliban had intensified a hunt of all individuals and collaborators with the former regime, including journalists. Those who are at the most risk are individuals who assumed central positions in military, police, and investigative units, according to the report.

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