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Deposed Afghan President Ghani Turns Up in Emirates

Ashraf Ghani, deposed Afghanistan President, has taken refuge in the United Arab Emirates after fleeing Afghanistan as the Taliban surrounded the capital city of Kabul. The UAE released a statement on Wednesday in which it welcomed Mr. Ghani and his family on humanitarian grounds. Mr. Ghani’s whereabouts had been unknown since Sunday. The former president and a small circle of advisers fled Kabul to Tajikistan on Sunday morning. Following his departure, Afghan police and security left their posts and the US and other Western countries began military operations to airlift their diplomats, civilians, and Afghans out of the country.

Mr. Ghani stated that he had been negotiating with the Taliban on creating a representative government, however, he was forced to flee after the militants entered Kabul and Afghan officials were unable to maintain security. Minutes after Mr. Ghani fled, the Taliban entered the presidential palace. Mr. Ghani confirmed that his exit was not organized with any international country and he is currently assessing how he can safely return to Afghanistan to maintain the country’s sovereignty and fight for justice and peace.

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