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New Zealand Orders Lockdown After First Covid-19 Case in Six Months

New Zealand has announced a new lockdown in its largest city, Auckland, after the first case of Covid-19 in six months was reported. Prime Minister Jacinda Arden stated that the reported infection, a 58-year-old Auckland resident, was likely the more contagious Delta variant of the virus. Due to the nature of its spread, Auckland will be in lockdown for at least seven days whereas the rest of the country will be required to lockdown for three days. Ms. Arden held a press conference where she stated that the same actions taking last year to overcome the virus can be applied again to successfully curb any new infections.

New Zealand has had only 2,500 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and only a handful of deaths, according to data from its health ministry. The country has been able to avoid more severe outbreaks due to its remote island geography and a strict initial lockdown last year. Australia’s borders have been closed to almost all travelers besides citizens and long-term residents since March of 2020. Only 19% of the population is vaccinated, however, placing Australia well behind other developed countries such as the US and UK.

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