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Chanel Apologizes for Data Breach

In a statement issued earlier this week, the Korean arm of French luxury brand Chanel apologized for a data leak that occurred on August 8 during a cyberattack. Personal data belonging to the store’s customers were exposed. According to the statement, a database belonging to the famous fashion brand is believed to have been compromised by attackers at some point in early August, likely between the 5 and 6. Information exposed includes customers’ names, birth dates, gender, phone numbers, and shopping history. Other information that was not accessed pertaining to some customers includes customers’ IDs, passwords, and payment information.

Chanel Korea stated that some information had been compromised, however, more sensitive information was allegedly protected. The company asked that customers who suspected that their data had been misused by cybercriminals contact the store by phone or email. Chanel Korea also stated that it had hired a leading independent cybersecurity firm to investigate the attack and ensure that its full impact is understood. The company stated that it had not found any evidence of further impact on other systems and data belonging to it. The incident has been reported to the Korea Internet and Security Agency and is under investigation by Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission as well.

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