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Senators Introduce Bill to Help Agencies Counter Deepfakes and Deceptive Media

Another bill that aims to counter deepfakes and deceptive media has been introduced in the Senate. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee leaders have looked to form a new federal task force that would seek to set standards and deploy technologies that would determine the origins of digital content to ensure that the material is not a deepfake or deceptive. The National Deepfake and Digital Provenance Task Force would effectively draw insights across the public, private, and academic landscapes to ensure that there are not malicious media circulating the internet. The task force would operate within the Homeland Security Department and be formed under new legislation introduced on Thursday.

The cadre is meant to help forge a path forward for how to handle, identify, and counter, the online spread of synthetic media. Such videos use emerging technologies to create convincing videos in which it appears that people say or do things that they did not do in reality. Some bad actors have weaponized this technology to spread deceptive media or misinformation. There are growing concerns that deepfakes will be an issue in politics and political elections going forward.

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