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Water crisis protests reportedly continue in Iran, with chants in capital

According to reports, street protests over water shortages throughout southwest Iran continued for the sixth night on Tuesday. The country has been experiencing a rise in violence, while residents in the capital shouted anti-government slogans. The protests came to light via a series of videos posted to social media on Wednesday and local media outlets. Several videos depict security forces using tear gas to disperse the protestors. One news agency reported that protestors fatally shot one policeman and injured another in the city of Mahshahr. Mahshahr lies in the Khuzestan province, the area most critically affected by the water shortages.

Another video shows people at a Tehran metro station chanting “death to the Islamic Republic.” The video has not been officially verified. At least two young men have died during the protests due to gunshot wounds. Although officials have blamed the presence of armed protestors, activists stated that the men were killed by security forces. Iran’s state media deemed the protests to be lawless.

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