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Malware Infects Japanese Devices Ahead of Olympic Games

According to Japanese security company Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Olympics-themed malware is targeting Japanese PCs across the country. The malware was discovered on July 21, just days before the opening ceremony, and is designed to wipe files from target systems. Although the malware does not delete everything, it searches for specific file types located in the personal Windows folder, said Mitsui Bussan.

The security company stated that the malware targets Microsoft Office files, TXT, LOG, and CSV files. These files may store logs, password information, and databases. The malware also searches for files created with a Japanese word processor called Ichitaro, leading researchers to believe that the malicious software was built to specifically target Japanese machines. The malware also boasts anti-analysis and anti-VM detection techniques to evade detection. The malware was disclosed just days after the FBI warned security leaders to be wary of cyberattacks ahead of the Olympic games.

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