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Assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moïse Clashed With Some Business Magnates

New reports have emerged that the late Haitian President Jovenel Moïse regularly clashed with powerful oligarchs and business magnates. Mr. Moïse allegedly blamed the individuals for the state of the impoverished nation. In March, Mr. Moïse may have called the powerful individuals out, stating that corrupt oligarchs were the source of the systemic plundering of state property. The strategy is common in politics, particularly in deeply unequal nations, and consists of politicians using the poorer populations to rally against the rich bourgeoisie. According to historians and analysts, the move has been pulled several times through Haiti’s government.

However, the move may have had deeper implications: reports state that the claims angered rivals in the business world as the economic conditions in Haiti worsened. Political analysts, Haitian rights activists, and US lawmakers agree that the business elite may have ganged up against Mr. Moïse, who became increasingly isolated and autocratic over the duration of his rule. The less than satisfactory business relationship sheds some light on the internal turmoil that has haunted the country for years and may have been the source of Mr. Moïse’s assassination. Two small security business owners in Haiti have been targeted as being potential suspects in the investigation into Mr. Moïse’s death. The assassination has, so far, implicated roughly 40 politicians.

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