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Law Firm to the Fortune 500 Breached with Ransomware

Campbell Conroy & O’Neil P.C., a US law firm to several Fortune 500 companies, has admitted that a ransomware attack that occurred in February resulted in a data breach. The company boasts clients such as Apple, Boeing, IBM, Exxon Mobil, Fisher-Price, British Airways, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota, among other huge organizations. The firm announced at a press release on Friday that it realized on February 27 that it had suffered from a ransomware attack. The firm did not clarify which ransomware gang claimed responsibility, and none of them have come forth since.

According to Campbell, the ransomware attack was in the form of a double extortion attack, where attackers lockdown victims’ systems and threaten to leak compromise data or use it in future spam attacks if ransom demands are not met. This trend gained traction two years ago and is now used by the likes of Maze, Clop, DoppelPaymer, and REvil. Last week REvil’s servers went offline, leaving victims stuck in the negotiation phase without a way to pay the ransom or receive decryption keys. Although Campbell’s investigation of the attack is ongoing, it stated that the attackers may have accessed personally identifiable information belonging to certain individuals included in their clientele list. This PII may consist of financial account information, dates of birth, license numbers, Social Security numbers, passport numbers, medical information, health insurance information, online account credentials, biometric data, and payment card information, according to Campbell.

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