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SonicWall Warns of Imminent Ransomware Attacks Targeting Firmware Flaw

SonicWall, a network appliance vendor, has issued an urgent security notice informing its customers of a serious threat. The threat consists of data-encrypting ransomware attacks targeting known firmware vulnerabilities. SonicWall previously released patches for the targeted flaws, however, it is now urging its customers to implement the fixes immediately to avoid ransomware attacks. The company stated that it was made aware of the cybersecurity risk through its own threat intelligence resources. The flaws being targeted lie in its Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 100 series and Secure Remote Access (SRA) products.

The company warned that organizations still using its 8.x versions of the firmware need to implement the upgrades immediately, stating that they are at imminent risk of a targeted ransomware attack. The company provided no further information on the attacks. The urgent notice also served to push businesses to discontinue appliances still running the firmware, which has reached its end-of-life deadline.

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