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Floods in Germany Leave 20 Dead, Dozens Missing As Rain Deluges Europe

In Germany, dozens of people are missing after the country was hit with the worst flooding in decades. The severe flooding caused houses to collapse in Germany, Belgium, and other parts of Western Europe. The situation occurred after days of heavy rain that swelled rivers and overloaded sewage systems. In Western Germany, twenty people have been reported dead and there are still more than 70 individuals missing after six houses collapsed in Schuld, leaving people trapped in their homes. On Thursday, dozens of residents waited to be rescued on roofs as severe flooding made traveling by foot or vehicle impossible. Power supplies and telephone lines have also been interrupted across the area.

In one region, the flooding ripped off a piece of the railway. Emergency rescue services are still actively remediating the effects of the flooding and assisting victims. The army has been working to deploy aid rescue services as well, according to authorities. Earlier today, the rainfall was subsiding, however, infrastructure remains severely affected. Authorities have warned that houses weakened by the floods may collapse in the next several days.

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