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Colorado becomes latest state to pass data privacy law

Colorado has become the third state, following in the footsteps of California and Virginia, to pass a comprehensive data privacy law that effectively forces companies to make changes to how they manage personally identifiable information online. The act, called the Colorado Privacy Act, was signed into law on July 7. The law also give consumers the right to demand that companies do not sell their personal information while also giving them access to any data companies have about them. Consumers will also be enabled to ask companies to delete their data. Under this law, enterprises will also have to ask for consent to hold certain information deemed more sensitive such as Social Security numbers, drivers license numbers, and more.

Although a slew of other states have passed narrower laws focused on specific data collection, Colorado is consider the third state to pass a widely applicable commercial privacy law. In addition to consumers rights, it also frces companies to respect opt-out requests, applying to companies that collect data from 100,000 Colorado residents. The law takes into effect in July 2023 and has been hailed by experts as a step forward for data privacy in the US.

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