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Pentagon CISO Suspected of Sharing Secrets

Katie Arrington, a top cyber official at the Pentagon is reportedly on leave while claims that she leaked classified intelligence are being investigated by the Defense Department. Arrington served as the chief information security officer (CISO) for Acquisition and Sustainment at the Defense Department. Arrington was hired in 2019 under the category of “highly qualified expert.” On May 11, she became aware that her security clearance for classified information had been suspended due to claims of Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information and subsequent removal of access by the National Security Agency. Arrington allegedly received a memo that contained the information regarding her suspension.

The Department of Defense has revealed very few details about the investigation, frustrating both Arrington and her lawyer, who stated that the suspension was nothing more than a routine administrative action that has developed into harming Arrington’s reputation and national security. Arrington’s lawyer stated that they were ready to address any concerns, stressing that she had a right to timely due process. A Defense Department spokesperson refused to comment on the matter.

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