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Iran-Backed Militias Fire Rockets in New Attack Aimed at U.S. Forces

Yesterday night, US troops in northeast Syria came under rocket fire after Iran-backed militias vowed revenge for US airstrikes earlier that day. The retaliation may be a sign that the fighting is evolving into a sustained confrontation. A spokesman for the US-led coalition stated that multiple rockets had been fired at US troops and that American forces responded with artillery at located rocket launching positions. The US coalition did not suffer from any injuries as a result of the assault. The ticket attack came as Biden warned on Monday that the country was ready to defend US troops against the militias.

The attack occurred near Syria’s al-Omar oil field, according to a pro-militia news agency. The US airstrikes allegedly killed four members of Iranian-backed militia groups and highlight the challenge the Biden administration will face as it attempts to deter attacks against US troops without provoking an escalation. The prospect of deeper hostilities has raised concerns among lawmakers. The Pentagon also confirmed that the airstrikes, which targeted two militia installations, one in Syria and one in Iraq, were a response to militia drone attacks that present a growing danger to US troops.

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