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Avaddon Ransomware Gang Evaporates Amid Global Crackdowns

Ransomware group Avaddon has released decryptors for nearly 3,000 victims as it closes its criminal enterprise. 2,934 decryption keys were released to BleepingComputer, and each key belongs to an individual victim. The average pay out for each ransom was approximately $40,000, and Avaddon walked away from millions. An alert about Avaddon was released by the Australian Cyber Security Centre and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. The alert caused Avaddon to release its keys after collecting as many payments as possible.

Avaddon used double and triple extortion with threats of denial of service attacks until the ransom was paid. Avaddon began its campaign in February of 2019 and has become a sophisticated Raas operation. The group was behind attacks on Australian-based telecom provider and a medical center and healthcare center for seniors in the United States. The group’s shut down also coincides with President Biden and President Vladimir Putin’s summit where ransomware and cybersecurity was discussed.

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