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Headache and runny nose linked to Delta variant

A new variant of Covid-19 referred to as the Delta variant has symptoms such as a runny nose and headache, according to a new study conducted in the UK. The variant will allegedly feel more like a cold for younger people, says Prof. Tim Spector, the head of the study. Although those infected with this strain may not feel sick, they could be contagious and spread the virus to others. Other symptoms include loss of smell or taste, fever, cough, and muscle aches. The study’s team assessed thousands of cases in which people reported their daily symptoms on an app.

Prof. Spector states that the hallmark symptoms of Covid-19 are less prevalent in the Delta variant. The variant was first identified in India and now accounts for 90% of all Covid-19 cases in the UK. Loss of taste and smell no longer appears in the majority of cases, found the study. With more people beginning to resume daily activities, other illnesses such as common colds and strep may circulate, resembling the Delta variant. Officials state that anybody experiencing adverse health symptoms should get tested for Covid-19.

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