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Gaming Giant EA Suffers Major Data Breach

Gaming giant Electronic Arts has suffered from a major data breach that includes details pertaining to game source code and tools for several popular games. Cybercriminals claimed to have breached the company in blog posts published on underground hacking forums. These posts advertised 780GB of data for sale. EA later confirmed that it had suffered a breach. Among the stolen information is the source code for EA’s popular football game FIFA 21 and the code for its matchmaking server. The hackers also tool proprietary EA frameworks and software development kits, according to the company.

There is no indication that hackers stole personal data pertaining to EA customers at this time. EA does not expect that the breach will impact the business or its games, and confirmed that customers are not at a heightened risk of cyberattacks, phishing, or identity theft. The biggest impact of the data theft is that EA’s competitors could access the valuable information for their own advantage. Being able to access an algorithm, approach, or game assets can be highly beneficial and save money and effort when developing games.

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