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Afghan Soldiers Gird for Taliban to Attack Cities After the U.S. Leaves

The Taliban are encroaching on government-held territory in Afghanistan as the US wraps up its troop withdrawal from the country. Afghan police and army positions are currently preparing themselves for large-scale offensives against major population centers as the insurgent push their advantage on the battlefield amid a full US exit. The entity continues to hold peace talks with the Afghan government in Doha, Qatar, however. The US troop withdrawal is set to be completed by September 11, however, troops may be gone as early as next month. The US provided vital resources such as air support to Afghan government forces.

Many critics have claimed that without a US presence, the Taliban’s foothold in Afghanistan will grow and the terrorist organization will be empowered to launch more attacks against Afghan forces and civilians. One policeman in Arghandab stated that in the event of an attack, his unit will be unable to defend the town of Kandahar from an attack. The escalation in fighting marks a switch in the Taliban’s previous pledges in Doha. The Taliban formerly pledged to reduce violence significantly in the event of a US troop withdrawal.

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