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Toshiba unit struck by DarkSide ransomware group

On Friday, Toshiba Tec Corp announced that one of its units was targeted by a ransomware attack likely perpetrated by the DarkSide hacking group. Toshiba is well known for its production of barcode scanners, Point-of-Sale systems, printers, and other electrical equipment. The company stated that the unit targeted was located in France, however, the attack had implications for other units spanning different European regions. After discovering the attack, Toshiba reportedly took appropriate measures such as shutting down networks between Japan, Europe, and its subsidiaries to prevent any spread of damage.

The company has allegedly launched an investigation to determine the extent of the damage. It is unclear if any customer-related information was accessed or downloaded. The group behind the attack, DarkSide, is also responsible for the recent Colonial Pipeline cyberattack that resulted in a panic across the east coast over gas shortages. DarkSide is a ransomware outfit that provides attack devices to affiliates within its network in return for a portion of any profits made as a result of attacks.

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