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How the USPS is deploying AI to help track 7.3B packages a year

The US Postal Service (USPS) has created and deployed a massive operation using artificial intelligence to help track over 7.3 billion packages a year. On average, 20 million packages travel through the USPS system every day, making lost packages difficult to recover. However, through a new Nvidia powered AI program, the USPS has created a new solution that uncovers lost packages in the span of hours, rather than days. Package sorting is just the beginning of the USPS’s AI applications, however.

The USPS is now looking to utilize the technology in mail sorting, marketing, and other daily functions. In recent years, the US government has spent billions to modernize federal agencies through the use of AI. The size and complexity of the USPS makes it a prime candidate for federal technology spending as the agency currently boasts 1,000 mail processing machines across 195 locations.

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