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Gunmen shoot dead former news anchor in Afghanistan’s Kandahar

On Tuesday, provincial officials from Afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar reported that gunmen shot dead a finance ministry employee and a former news anchor in the latest event in a series of attacks. Journalists, civil society activists, government officials, and judges have been targeted by terrorist attacks over the past several months. The attacks coincide with Washington’s announcement last month that all US troops will be pulled out of Afghanistan by September 11, 2021.

One of the two victims of the attack are Nimat Rawan, a former news anchor at ToloNews, the largest private television station in Afghanistan. Law enforcement officials stated that an investigation into the attack had been launched. Afghanistan is currently engaged in bloody conflict with the Taliban, who are seeking to wage an insurgency and overthrow the Afghan government. In just two days, the Taliban was able to capture a second district in the Northern province of Baghlan, according to provincial police reports on Thursday. Six Afghan security forces were also killed by Taliban insurgents in a nighttime attack on their outpost in Ghazni.

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