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Russia plans to launch its own space station after quitting ISS

After quitting the International Space Station (ISS), Russia is allegedly gearing up to build its own space station, according to the Roscosmos space agency. The agency released a statement on Wednesday asserting that, if President Vladimir Putin approves the project, the space station could be launched into orbit as soon as 2030. The project would mark a new era for Russian space exploration and would end two decades of close collaboration with the United States space forces and intelligence within the ISS.

Russian astronauts have worked alongside counterparts from the US and 16 other countries over the past two decades. However, deepening tensions between Moscow and Washington have strained relations both on Earth and in space, with the countries disagreeing on key topics such as cyberattacks and human rights. Unlike the ISS, the proposed Russian station would not be permanently staffed with crew due to its orbit path experiencing higher radiation. Russia has proposed spending up to $6 billion to launch the project.

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