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Indonesian Submarine With 53 On Board Goes Missing Off Bali

An Indonesian navy submarine with 53 people on board has allegedly gone missing off the coast of Bali and may have lost control, according to the Indonesian navy. A search and rescue attempt is underway as the country attempts to rescue its military personnel. The vessel is a German-built model, called the KRI Nanggala-402, and was brought into service in 1981. Shortly after permission to dive at 3 a.m., the submarine lost contact and became unreachable, according to the navy.

Oil spills detected around the area show that there is a possibility of fuel tank damage due to water pressure, as the vessel may have descended 600 or 700 meters. Searches conducted with sonar capability have been unsuccessful. The navies of Singapore and Australia have joined Indonesia in their search attempt. A rescue ship called MV SWIFT was dispatched from Singapore, boasting capabilities such as a submersible rescue vessel.

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