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Europe seeks to limit use of AI in society

The EU has brought forth new proposals that regulate the usage of artificial intelligence, facial recognition for surveillance, or algorithms that manipulate human behavior. The wide-ranging proposals were leaked ahead of their official publication. The proposal has been criticized for its identification of high-risk AI, but also praised for its forward-thinking in terms of analyzing the risks of some of the technology’s functions. Experts deemed the rules vague, stating that they contained loopholes to be exploited by organizations.

The use of AI in the military and systems used by authorities to safeguard public security are exempt in the proposal. The suggested list includes systems designed or used in a manner that manipulates human behavior, opinions, or decisions; AI systems used for indiscriminate surveillance that are applied in a generalized manner; systems used for social scoring; and AI systems that exploit information or predictions and a person or group of persons in order to target their vulnerabilities.

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