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‘A tsunami of cases’ creates desperation as Covid second wave batters India

In India, a new wave of cases is devastating the nation and surpassed medical professional’s worst expectations. When the cases started to drop in India and lockdown measures were partially lifted, residents took advantage and hosted large wedding parties, began to stop wearing masks, held political rallies, and other super-spreading behavior that likely resulted in the rise of cases again. India is now experiencing a wake of infections that is much worse than the initial spread of the virus. In Tamil Nadu, it has taken just 15 days of high cases to reach the same level in hospitals as the peak of the last wave.

In big cities across India, hospitals are almost at capacity. The week has brought a series of Covid milestones for India. They have surpassed Brazil again to become the second-worst affected country globally, after the United States, with a total of 13.68 million cases. On Tuesday, there were 161,736 new cases within the country. Active cases and the death toll both have continued to rise over the past week, with the latter totaling 171,000.

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