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Food Shortages at Dutch Supermarkets After Ransomware Outage

The Netherlands is still struggling to recover after a recent ransomware attack on a key logistics supplier, resulting in empty shelves at several branches of the country’s largest supermarket chain recently. Albert Heijn is an industry giant and provides food to a large portion of the country, with 1,000 locations. However, the company was unable to keep its shelves stocked after Bakker Logistiek was attacked by threat actors, disrupting operations and causing delays.

The product most affected by the ransomware attack was allegedly packaged cheese. A note on the website of the supermarket chain warns customers of a technical malfunction affecting supplies in its stores. The attack on Bakker Logistiek occurred over Easter weekend and forced the company to take all of its systems offline temporarily, resulting in production halts and supermarket shortages. This incident is reflecting how ransomware attacks can have implications for ordinary citizens, despite who was targeted.

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