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U.S., Iran Begin Indirect Talks to Revive 2015 Nuclear Deal

On Tuesday, Western and Iranian officials kicked off talks aiming to revive the broken 2015 nuclear accord, a deal that the US pulled out of under the Trump administration after repeated violations on behalf of Iran. The negotiations will challenge the current tensions between Washington and Tehran, as Iran has made steps to accelerate its nuclear activity and will likely be hesitant to sacrifice much. Last Friday, the parties announced that they would meet in Vienna for talks following the US’s withdrawal from the deal in 2018.

When the US withdrew, sanctions were placed on Iran and its top officials. In return, the country took numerous steps to breach the agreement and resume suspected nuclear activity. The goal of the meeting is to produce a road map for the US and Iran to return to compliance with the deal. The talks will likely last several weeks and consist of representatives from China, France, Iran, the US, Germany, Russia, and the UK.

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