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Evidence suggests Ethiopian military carried out massacre in Tigray

A BBC African Eye led investigation has revealed that a massacre in northern Ethiopia was committed by the Ethiopian military. Five video clips of uniformed men leading a group of men to the edge of a cliff, shooting some and pushing their dead bodies over the cliff surfaced in March. The massacre that killed at least 15 men has been confirmed to have occurred near the town of Mahbere Dego in northern Tigray. 

In Tigray, the Ehtiopian military has been fighting the Tigray People’s LIberation Front, the previous ruling party of the region since November. The conflict has displaced over two million people and has left four million people in need of assistance. BBC Africa Eye investigated features of the videos to determine the geographic location of the massacre. A resident of Mahbere Dego said the Ethiopian army has taken away more than 73 men from the town and surrounding areas and they have not been heard of since. BBC Africa Eye says the uniforms worn by the men match those worn by the Ethiopian National Defense Force, but the identities of the armed men could not be confirmed.

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