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ProtonVPN CEO Blasts Apple for ‘Aiding Tyrants’ in Myanmar

Andy Yen, the CEO of ProtonVPN, has put Apple on blast for allegedly rejecting a security update necessary to protect human-rights abuse evidence. Yen claims that Apple is “aiding tyrants” by not protecting the protestor’s best interests in Myanmar amid bloody and violent clashes. Yen released a blog post discussing the defense of human rights and internet privacy, stating that this is a life-or-death consequence for many combatting authoritarian regimes. After the Myanmar coup, ProtonVPN encrypted services saw an increase in users by 250 times the previous daily average.

Access to encrypted internet services became vital as the Myanmar military began blocking internet access and social media platforms. Secure channels are being utilized by protestors to send evidence of crimes against humanity to the UN. Within the same day the UN recommended Proton apps to Myanmar protestors, Apple rejected several important updates to one of the applications. The updates consisted of security enhancements designed to improve safeguards against account takeover attempts.

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