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Sierra Wireless Says Ransomware Disrupted Production at Manufacturing Facilities

On Tuesday, Canadian IoT company Sierra Wireless revealed that its internal IT systems were affected by a ransomware attack just days ago. The company designs and manufactures wireless communications equipment used across the world in industrial and enterprise settings. Sierra Wireless provides products to commercial facilities, communications, government, energy, transportation, and water sectors. The ransomware reportedly impacted Sierra Wireless’s manufacturing capabilities, and some locations were forced to halt production entirely. They announced that they plan to restart production soon in a Tuesday announcement.

Sierra Wireless also clarified that there is a separation between its internal IT systems and customer-facing products and services, and therefore the ransomware attack only impacted its own systems. Once it became aware of the attack, IT teams immediately implemented measures to protect internal systems in accordance with cybersecurity procedures.  The US Securities and Exchange Commission is aware of the incident, and the disruption caused by the ransomware attack forced the company to withdraw its Q1 2021 guidance.

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