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Security Analysis Clears TikTok of Censorship, Privacy Accusations

Security researchers at CitizenLab have conducted an extensive research investigation into TikTok’s source code, concluding that the code is in line with industry standards. TikTok has been widely criticized for poor privacy and data-sharing practices, censorship concerns, and national security risks as the app is owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance. However, CitizenLab has reported that TikTok meets reasonable standards of security and privacy.

The platform is a customized version of more intrusive versions of the application deployed across East and Southeast Asia. The version deployed in that region contains more limitations in access or privacy, according to CitizenLab. The US version contains controls allegedly sufficient with strong deviations or privacy, security, and censorship practices. However, there are lingering concerns that TikTok could effectively “turn on” different aspects utilized in Asia for the US app.

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