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Experts Explore the Need for a National Technology Strategy

Experts in Congress are considering the need for a solidified National Technology Strategy due to concerns over US competition with China within the technology industry. Sen. Mark Warner recently led a bipartisan group of lawmakers in introducing a bill that would effectively establish a State Department Office to work solely on technology standards with allies. Meanwhile, Sen. Jim Risch reintroduced a bill that establishes a comprehensive framework for competition with China, including in technology.

On March 1, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence released a massive report detailing how the US can bolster cutting-edge technology to compete with China in terms of AI. A National Technology Strategy may be necessary given the nature of tensions between the two countries and may help the US to collaborate between the public and private sectors. Former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy stated that the issue is very high stakes, and without a national-level strategy, the US is risking losing an edge in key areas.

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