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Brazil health service in ‘worst crisis in its history’

Brazil is currently battling a record high number of patients and the collapse of its health service and intensive care units. Hospitals have reportedly been overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases, according to Brazil’s leading health institute, Fiocruz. Covid-19 units every Brazilian state besides two are at or above 80% capacity, according to the health institute. In Rio Grande do Sul, there are allegedly no intensive care beds available at all.

The warning issued by Fiocruz comes as the country reported its highest daily death toll yet, with 2,841 dying within 24 hours. This represents a large jump from the previous record, which was recorded on March 10 and totaled 2,286. Researchers claim that the health crisis is the biggest collapse of the hospital and health service in Brazilian history. Marcelo Quieroga will be formally appointed as health minister later today, marking the fourth person to hold the role in a year since the pandemic began. This is likely due to the high pressure and stakes environment occurring within the country.

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