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Netflix Introduces Measures to Prevent Password Sharing

Netflix has allegedly introduced new potential measures that will prevent password sharing between multiple households or friends. If two users of the same account do not live together, they may be prohibited from using the same account. Typically, users can verify if they are eligible to access a particular account via Netflix’s terms of service. It is common for Netflix subscribers to ask friends and relatives for their account passwords to avoid paying the monthly subscription price. Users have reported a new message displaying at the log-in page reading “if you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.”

Not only do the measures protect against friends and family sharing account details, which can be dangerous for the customer, but they are also an attempt to crack down on unauthorized account usage by third parties. Although account holders can create multiple profiles on the same account, they should only be utilized by household members, according to Netflix. Password sharing can lead to multiple different cybersecurity risks as it increases the chances of accounts being compromised and personal details being accessed or stolen.

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