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As Biden pushes for peace, Yemeni rebels ramp up strikes on Saudi Arabia

Yemeni rebels have increased attacks on targets inside Saudi Arabia in the past month. Since mid-February, Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for dozens of armed drones and missiles into Saudi Arabia. The rebels are backed by Iran and have claimed responsibility for attacks on at least 13 days. Saudi Arabia leads a coalition of forces supporting the internationally recognized government and has been blamed for thousands of civilian casualties in Yemen because of an air campaign against Yemen. 

The Houthi rebels have been targeting Riyadh, Abha international Airport, Jiddah Airport and King Khalid air base. The rebels also claimed two attacks on Aramco oil facilities last week. The rebels, however, did not claim responsibility for any strikes against Saudi Arabia in January. Analysts have suggested the Houthis may be escalating their attacks to gain leverage in the anticipated peace talks and ending the war.

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