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Exposed Password Gave Hackers Access to 150,000 Cameras

A new report reveals details about a hacktivist endeavor that claims to have successfully targeted and hacked a leading surveillance camera manufacturer called Verkada. Verkada is based out of San-Mateo and conceded that they had to disable all internal administrative accounts to prevent unauthorized access. An international hacker collective seems to be behind the attack with the intent to highlight the privacy risks associated with pervasive monitoring.

Verkada is reportedly investigating the issue to determine the scale and extent of the attack. Bloomberg has allegedly seen video feeds from inside Tesla factories and hospitals provided by the hacking group, which claims to have access to 150,000 cameras across the US. Some of the cameras, such as those inside prisons, use facial recognition to track individuals. Although the incident seems to be legitimate, there is no confirmation from Verkada at the moment.

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